Return to Work Samples

Section One:
Video Scripts
1.  Philmont Leadership Challenge Promo Script 

2. Gideon Technology Demo Long Video

3. CAT Turbine Precleaner Demo Script

4. RESPA-SYS Demo Video 001

5. Publix Group Health Benefit Plan

6. Workforce Development System Introduction

7. Challenge Scholarship Video

8. Camp Guernsey Marketing Video

9. Cowboys in Korea

Section Two:
News Releases
1. Expanded Production Facility to Open in Perry Industrial Park


3. Gideon Technology

Section Three:
Television News/Sports Scripts
1. Guard Economic Impact

2. Roark State of University

3. Election 88

4. Cowboy Defense

5. Nuggets

6. Broncos Playbook

Section Four:
Radio Scripts
1. Cheney Campaign Notes

2. Cheney Press Conference


4. FIREX Release with Actuality

5. Camp Guernsey’s 50th

6. UW Baseball

Section Five:
Newspaper Articles
1. It’s a Brees, fly Laramie to Denver

2. Defense Secretary to speak at UW

3. Members of Air National Guard Learn Value of Team Work in Nation’s Defense

4. UW completes South Africa divestiture

Section Six:
Magazine Articles
1. Traffic-Related Liability Suits

2. Air Force AC-130 trains at Camp Guernsey

3. National Guard bill dies in State Senate

4. Jordan compares two different Koreas

5. National Guard is sound economic return

6. MP Unit Transitions to Utility Engineer Unit

7. BLM seeks smoke-free environment

Section Seven:
Miscellaneous Samples

1. NSM Newsletter Summer  2020

2. NSM Newsletter Spring 2021

3. Blog Entries

4. Fact Sheet

5. Live Presentation

6. Phone Solicitation Script