Old Branding
New Branding


A local well-established HVAC business (Tropic Heating and Air) found itself being confused with a newer less established business (Tropic Aire) based on very similar names. The owners wanted to change their branding to incorporate the long-standing name with something that would set them apart and remove doubt from consumers as to which business they were dealing with.


Develop a new identity including business name, logo, marketing collateral, and business forms to provide marketplace differentiation.


The name of the Owner of the business was well known in the marketplace and is recognized as an industry leader by consumers and other businesses. We added his first name to the company name, Charlie’s Tropic Heating and Air, to meet the initial desire for a unique business name. Once the name was established a new logo was developed and introduced. A direct mail campaign targeting existing and former customers was developed and executed. The new branding was placed on all company vehicles and buildings. New stickers used by the business to keep consumers informed of maintenance needs and performed tasks were developed and distributed to new, current, and former customers. A large public rebranding event was held in a central location to help spread the word about the new name. New services were also introduced as part of the rebranding program and plan. A customer loyalty and referral program was also introduced.


Following the rebranding, new customer inquiries increased and many previous customers brought their business back to Charlie’s. Retention of existing customers remained fairly consistent and rose significantly after the customer loyalty and referral program were introduced.